In the original you see also our youngest participant (klik the picture)
In the original you see also our youngest participant (klik the picture)
13.8.2009 Hämeenlinna ja Espoo klo 14.30

Sosiaalinen media yritystoiminnassa ja kansainvälistyminen verkostoituminen/ Social media in corporations, international and networking activities

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Meeting places

1. ESPOO, Omnia, Kirkkokatu 16
2. HÄMEENLINNA, Vankanlähde 7


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Hämeenlinna: Tiina Front-Tammivirta, Titi Tamminen, Timo Rainio, Tuija Tukkimäki-Hilden, Inkeri Ahonen
Espoo: Mervi Jansson, Tuija Marstio, Katariina Haavisto, Ville Venäläinen,Tommi Issakainen, Ronald Wertlen , Minna Taivassalo-Salkosuo
Internet: Sanna Brauer, Harri Lakkala, Janne Ruohisto, Anne Rongas, Pentti Saastamoinen, Elias Aarnio, Tarmo Toikkanen, Tero Heiskanen, ak, Kristian Hentula


1. Brainstorm about the future of internation Sometu activities. What kind of connections and intrests people have in a english speaking world?

- We should collect good cases into a wiki.
- We should perhaps reconsider the groups of Sometu in business: do we need more groups with specific orientations, separated topics on discussions in order to increase the usability of information (it could keep discussions easier to follow and makes searching easier as well)

- Different groups for different purposes; sub-groups for business oriented, business and schools and business in English e.g.

- Not too official, relax feeling is important

- Schools could provide social media tutors for companies

2. Web 2.0 Tools for teachers – pre-information on a project

A European Comenius project called " - Learning community for web 2.0 teaching" plans to set up a European community for teachers who are interested in integrating web 2.0 in classroom or distance teaching in school. The idea is to provide teachers with inspiration and motivation by providing interesting show cases, good practice examples, video tutorials, success stories of pilot projects and enabling communication with experts in a discussion forum. The community will focus on teachers who are beginners in implementing web 2.0 in teaching.

The project is coordinated by Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Institute for Innovation in Learning) and it has six partners around Europe, Otavan Opisto (nettilukio) being one of them. Contact person in Otava is taru.kekkonen (at) The project will start end of 2009, the kick-off meeting is being planned for October.

The idea (aims) sounds very similar to sometu, only carried out within a project. Sometu-people will have a lot to share with the teachers involved in the project. The project will also be a good opportunity for sometu to go really international.

To be continued... :)

3. Co-operation of Sometu and Sombiz -networks

4. Sometu/Sombiz & Google Wave

- We will continue discussion in Sometu

Conclusion: There should be different focus groups in future meetings, e.g. Education / Corporate / Government
+ There is a concern that there are not enough members however to fully enable a meeting on corporate, etc. issues.
+ Also SOMETU is about bringing the social media tools into the SMMEs and companies (not only about technology companies that want to develop social media based business) and it is exactly these SMMEs that do not have the resources to attend such a meeting, or to find out about it.
+ Possibility of using Learning Cafe method.